Repair Service and Data Recovery
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Computer and Equipment Repair:

We are pleased to announce our complete repair program.  You no longer have to search for qualified repair technicians, we've got you covered. Our team of highly experienced personnel has the know-how to repair all kinds of musical, computer, electronic and  data storage mediums.  We have a combined experience of over 50 years in the business.  Bring in your equipment for a FREE evaluation, and see how fast we can get you up and running.

Our lead technician, Phil Veugler, has years experience as a repair technician, and now has planted his feet at Horse-Drawn.  Phil  has the uncanny ability to tear apart anything, without a schematic, and quickly assess what is wrong and how to fix it.  He is very down to earth, and will give you the bottom line on your repair.  Our long list of distributors extends across the world, giving us the best possible prices, and the fastest possible results.
Eric Yoder is the head computer technician, and has experience not only in music production, but in trouble-shooting any computer problem.  We can not only repair computers, but any portable electronics device, personal electronics, storage mediums, and we can provide software and system upgrades, as well.  Eric has also worked for Seagate, Inc, for more than 3 years,  and is comfortable with all of the newest technology from them and their competitors.  He is also an Apple Certified Repair Technician, so bring in any of your apple products for repair and/or upgrades.

Horse-Drawn also has a great working relationship with Guitar Center and can help with out-of-warranty purchases from any Guitar Center.  We not only do repairs for them, we also maintain and install their in-house Pro Tools systems. We offer product support for any of their gear, and can work with you one-on-one on not only picking out the right gear, but helping you use it as well.  This gives you an edge over your competition, and provides you with the most you can get out of your equipment.

Eric also specializes in Pro Tools repair. He can diagnose any system, and have results in just minutes!  No system is too large or small, and we work in mac and pc environments.  We can also upgrade your system, both on an operating system level, and software level.
Ask us about our hard drive refurbing process.  We can give you money off of your repair if you submit your old hard drive to use as parts. This includes computer and non-computer repairs.  Inquire within.
Some of the more common items we repair are below:

  • Amplifierstools
  • Basses
  • CD Players
  • Computers
  • Consoles
  • Data
  • Drums
  • Guitars
  • Home stereo systems
  • Pro Tools
  • Recording devices
  • Software
  • Speakers

Data Recovery

Decades of experience and the attention to detail with the newest technology gives you the best possible chance at getting your valuable data back.  Working with Seagate intensely for over 3 years, Eric Yoder has the resources and technology available to deliver the best possible results.  Research and development are the key factors in this industry, as technology and hard drives change every second.  Eric Yoder has worked with Seagate, Apple & others to accommodate the needs of everyone in an ever-changing technology revolution.

Our clean room is state of the art, and all of our technicians are trained directly under Eric Yoder to insure quality control at every stage of the process.  Not only is your data valuable to us, but it is also secured in the highest degree possible, and steps are taken to ensure your privacy and security.  We also offer encrypted data delivery to those who require the most secured data transfer methods available to secure their data at every point.  We understand what it feels like to lose valuable time and money when a storage medium begins to fail.

We not only service hard drives, but can also recover data from portable phones, flash drives, encrypted mediums, and more...  Give us a call to discuss your catastrophe, with 12+ years in the business, we can deliver for you.  Free estimates for all data recovery jobs - you don't pay if we can't play!!!


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