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R Kelly-R. Songs of Janis Joplin: All Blues'd Up! Celine Dion- All The Way Urban Funk Ordinance- Interplanetary Super-herons of Funk
Avant- My Thoughts R Kelly- TP2.com House of Blues- Songs of Janis Joplin:Blues Down Deep The Copper Label E.P.
Torri Griffin- Stained Glass Window David Patrick Mann- Celebrate Life Comfort Food Audreece- One More Round
Ron Haynes- Journeyman David Dub- David Dub Kelroy- Bloodshot, Hungry, Paranoid Giant Rockit- Space Flight
The Odd Squad- Hip Hop for Dummies Vol. 2 Coppersnake- From The Ground Up The Ellie Maybe Experience- Meet Ellie Kafele- Acid Reign
Walter Thomas- Cruise Control Chamba Con Obama- Obama, We're Voting For You! Linda Smith- Sunday List Of Dreams Liz McComb-Soul, Peace & Love
Chris Lowe- Black Life 2: The Next Thing Smokin Funklord- Chain Hang E.P. Young General- Best Kept Secret Urban Funk Orchestra- Exception To The Rule
P1- Power H2- Hip Hop 4 Dummies, Vol. 1 Jackie Cole- This Is Who I Am Foundré- Dross


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