Bartley Control Room
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Bartley Control and Green Room

This is the newest addition to the Horse-Drawn arsenal, featuring the same quality of the the larger rooms, with added benefits for specific projects.  Not only can we record with world-class sonic perfection, but we can also shoot video in your session in front of our green screen, and later place you anywhere in the world for your newest video!  The tracking room is a bit larger than the Indigo Booth, specifically for band recordings, band rehearsals, and quality overdubs for any instrument.

Also connected to this room is the Bomher Booth, which has a direct line of sight, independent monitoring controls, and close proximity to our Horse-Head Lounge.  Also in the Bartley complex, is our third amp cabinet, built from solid brick floor to ceiling.  This means you can turn your amp up LOUD!!  Get those tubes glowing, get your sound right, and bring a change of clothes to complete your audio - visual experience in this room.

No matter the desire, no matter the budget, HDP has a room just right for you!

The Green Tracking Room is also setup 24/7 for rehearsals of any genre, including full PA that is already dialed in for you.  Leave your expensive gear at home and use our complete backline for your rehearsals - no need to break your back!  Keep your gear primed for that next gig or event.  Ask us about band showcases and discounts on block rates.  You can rent the room with or without control room, and with or without a HDP engineer - feel free to bring your own and save big $$ !!

Bartley Control Room

Bomher Booth

Green Room

Yoder Vintage Drums

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