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Custom A/V Installations for your Home, Live Rig or Automobile

Horse-Drawn has the tools you need to configure your home theater system to get the most bang for your buck!  We also offer consultation on solutions for your audiophile needs.  We are able to assemble killer systems on any budget - you give us your dream setup, and we will figure out a way to make it happen!  The team has many years experience on all levels of home and home theater setups.  Ranging from small basement studios to complex, multi-room A/V situations, HDP has what it takes to deliver your system with a BANG!

Home Studio

We can not only create cutting edge setups, we can also expand your current system, giving you the sound you desire.  Some systems can also have multiple uses, such as recording studio situations coupled with private home theater setups, as shown below in the Blue Flash Studios first system.

Blue Flash 2 Blue Flash Screen

Below is another example of a studio constructed out of a loft apartment in Chicago, on the northwest side.  Most of the gear here is setup around the computer, with controls from external MIDI equipment, and driven by a Trident S100 rack-mounted console.  This is an example of a low-cost solution installed in a personal living space, with acoustic panels in the recording room / bedroom, and a sound-proof door with window installed between the rooms.  A pink noise test after installation showed this room to have an extremely flat frequency response, rivaling that of many professional studios.  A wired ethernet network was also installed throughout the building for remote access to the system.

Central Park Studio

Live Rigs

If you are looking to make your life easier, saving you trips and energy loading and unloading in and out of clubs with cases and cases of gear, followed by trips in and out of the venue for misc cables, adapters, etc.  Let us help you save time and money every week with custom rack and portable assemblies.  We can design and build a system to give you the edge against your competition, and make your life easier in the process.  A good planning strategy can save you hours of time in the future, and put you ahead by looking good, showing up organized, and having the tools necessary to deliver BIG on your next gig.

Below are a few simple systems we have created in the past, to help alleviate the headaches of the worst part of the gig: setup and tear down!

rack 1 rack 2 rack 3

Automobile Systems & Portable Rigs

We also specialize in every aspect of automobile A/V systems, ranging from a basic audiophile setup, to a mobile entertainment & portable recording studio, included with all the extras!  Every system is different, and everybody creates their masterpiece in a different way, and we understand that.  Our technicians can help you deliver an amazing sound, and do so well within your tight budget.  Talk to one of our specialists right away, to get you started before your competition does just that.

track 1 truck 2