Studio Indigo
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For professional, premium quality recording and production at an extremely competitive rate, check out Studio Indigo, down the hall from Studio A. Same horse-power, just a lower rate. This state of the art digital studio offers sweet sounding Trident pre-amps, a variety of great microphones, large comfortable vocal/band room, multi-track digital recording, and the best software.

At this professional budget rate of $50.00/hr, it doesn't get better than this! From rock, to hip hop, to R&B, whatever style, our staff of producers/engineers/songwriters are ready to work with you.  Every room at Horse-Drawn can quickly access our music server, which provides every room with one of the largest sound libraries ever assembled, housing sound effects, songs, samples, tones, sheet music, lessons, videos & more!

Indigo Booth Live

Move your mouse on the panoramic photos below to scroll through the rooms.  Double click to zoom in and out.