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Hatie Parmeter


Check out Hatie from Minnesota, she is now in Chicago spreading her music with everyone.

She has a very cool, laid back attitude, as I saw in her youtube channel.  Many of them are simple demos,but her voice carries the …

No Regrets Chicago Hardcore


If you listen to hardcore you will love Chicago’s very own No Regrets.

I really liked some of the stuff they had posted here.  It seemed like it drew me in quickly, then held me down until I couldn’t …

Of Glaciers on making big moves on their new album!

glThis  five piece Melodic Hardcore band from Chicago, IL just released an album. You can order your copy on amazon, Itunes or Bandcamp.

The band is on tour currently, and you can check out what they are up to …

Jolly Korea Rocks.


Jolly Korea a 5 piece Rock band from Berwyn will get you dancin’.

Awdacity plays Battle of the Bands.


Awdacity a Metal band from Roselle, IL will be playing at Mojoe’s on June 24th. The show is a battle of the bands and the two lucky winners get to play Mayhem Fest.

Anyone to jam?


Frank Rowley and his group are in tonight. Welcome to the Horse!…

We can now multi-track record any rehearsal in our green room. This feature is available as an add on for any rehearsal!


Lounge complete and new studio is now open for business!

The lounge has now been broken in, and the first sessions are out of the way. It’s time to make some music and videos, or music videos, or video taping rehearsals, or rehearsing videos, or making music for video….Mwah haha! …