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6 Things you need to know to make a great pop song


Here are the 6 things you need to know to make a great pop song:

Ok, so I am  not a famous musician nor do i aspire to be.  I am not a super-producer.  I do not have plaques on …

Et Tu Brute

Check out the latest from this Chicagoland pop punk outfit.et

You can also give them a listen this Thursday May, 16th live on air at Reverbnation. It starts at 10pm, so dont be late!

And of course, you can …

Came Out Swinging – Pop Punk

ppkCame Out Swinging
is a Pop Punk band that was formed in the Chicago suburbs. They have released their first EP and are already working on their next full length album. They will be playing PopPunkWayo Fest on May 25th.…