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Jay paid $55 @TheHorse and walked away with an hour’s worth of recorded material that sounded like this:

Jay probably doesn’t want the world to hear his second rehearsal with a new band in his new favorite recording studio – He probably wouldn’t want all of his friends hearing his imperfections as he tries to figure out a …

I remember when R. Kelly threw a fire extinguisher down the hall @ChicagoTrax…

Ahh yes – those were the days! LOL.  I have a lot of great memories working with Rob(ert Kelly) – Yes, that’s what we called him in the studio – and yes he really does sound just like that!

I …

4 Ways to avoid a thin, weak guitar tone:

This question has come up several times over the years, under different contexts.  I was in the studio (as always) last week chillin’ with Fil Kinetic and John Joe Ambriz.  We were having a not-so-heated discussion about guitar tones, …

Connor Korte releases “Open Water” under Horse-Drawn Records, Inc. produced by Eric “YO.M.G!” Nelson Yoder

Check out a day in Connor’s life working on his first studio project @ The Horse!  We are very excited to be seeing this kind of cool material from Connor.  Check out his video “Studio Day”

Connor’s new album drops …

Mystery Crash is an epic indie band from the far west suburbs

listen to there entire album

They have a website at mysterycrash.com


LStreetz [video] from Chi Town!

LStreetz is a lady of Chi-town Hip-Hop that spits with ferocity.


L Streetz – Humble

Check her out  on Soundcloud,  Facebook, and Youtube!




Mowdy is here to bring Hip Hop back to life.

Mowdy is “here to wake up the world that has fallen asleep!”m2

Check him out on Reverbnation, Soundcloud and Myspace.

You can see Mowdy May 18th at North End Tap in Aurora.

Zero The Hero at Bobby McGee’s on May 25th.

Zero the Hero from Kenosha, Wisconsin. When four ordinary individuals unite together under the flag of melodic pop punk, preparing to blast your ear drums so hard you will pogo in your seat. Filled with an energetic set, Zero The …