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6 Tips for submitting songs for mix (at any studio)

Due to the high volume (pun intended) of mixes coming in remotely, I  thought I would share some helpful information to those submitting material to be mixed by a professional recording engineer, such as myself.  There are some things …

8 Ways to Make your beats fatter at Home! – Big Drums! Low Bass! Wide Synths!

Everyone wants to be VIRAL.  Everyone seeks the LARGEST drums sound.  Everyone needs the WIDEST synth sounds.  Everyone wants to do it at home in their underwear.  Here are some ways you can achieve these goals.

Making beats is …

Fastest trick in the world to calculate delay times and song tempo in under 20 seconds!

Here is a quick little trick you can use to calculate delay times for a song, and even get the tempo in under 20 seconds.  Here’s the scoop to speed you up!stop-watch

Take a regular stopwatch – it must have …

The 40 Oz. Sidekicks can fill even the biggest rooms with their massive sound!

These guys are melodic punk with ska influences… from Chicago!

listen to them here – purchase from them here


Mike “Miq” Patton HAPPY with The Horse. Check him out Wednesday nights at Bar 10 in Chicago.

Check out Miq here.

Bar 10 in Chi-Town

I recorded Miq with a Neuman/Lawson U47 and a Trident S100 Mic pre into Apogee converters.…

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-10-15

  • We have everything you'll need to take the music from your mind to reality. It's never too late to #makeithappen #
  • We have artists and technicians on staff, providing inspiration and instruction. We #makeithappen every day. Waiting on

Ask YO.M.G! your question on #…

Ask YO.M.G! your question on #ReverbNationhttp://t.co/YbBLWWwd

Check out “Fallin’ Alicia Keys…

Check out “Fallin’ Alicia Keys RemiX” by YO.M.G! – http://t.co/yQxMsna0