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Local Band Republic Of Lights Has What It Takes

Republic of Lights is a local rock band from chicago that appears to have the ingredients to jump into the mainstream.

Catchy and driving pop rock.

Download their  album free of charge!


and check out their bandcamp!

Jay paid $55 @TheHorse and walked away with an hour’s worth of recorded material that sounded like this:

Jay probably doesn’t want the world to hear his second rehearsal with a new band in his new favorite recording studio – He probably wouldn’t want all of his friends hearing his imperfections as he tries to figure out a …

Camp Kind Is A Small Festival With Good Vibes


Come Check out the local artists and Camp out for a 3 day event that’s in everyone’s budget!

Camp Kind is an Annual 3 Day Festival in Waterman IL, where people of all ages come to enjoy Music Art, and …

Train Company Blend Soul, Rock, And Jazz To Create Something Classy

My recent trip to The House Cafe In dekalb, IL, introduced me to the live show of this local band.

Train Company have it all going for them and i expect to see a lot more of them in the …

Treologic Hip Hop Raw but well done

Treologic is a Hip-Hop band that is keeping the genre classy in the Chi.  Complete with catchy hooks, funky grooves, and a cast of musical ninjas, Treologic never fails to make ’em get their hands “High”.


Treologic rocking out with …

Real Hip-Hop, raw but well done.

Treologic is a Hip-Hop band from chicago that delivers a tasteful blend of Jazz, Funk, Rap, and anything else that’ll keep ’em putting their hands “HIGH!”



Treologic rocking out with their smash hit, Whatcha Doin’. DJ Savage is cutting …

Maybenauts…best show I’ve seen!

I felt like the first time my son, Stone , took his first steps. The show was breathtaking. Happy B day Vee!! Great time had by all. The Maybenauts proved to be on their game, top notch, possibly the best …