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Jay paid $55 @TheHorse and walked away with an hour’s worth of recorded material that sounded like this:

Jay probably doesn’t want the world to hear his second rehearsal with a new band in his new favorite recording studio – He probably wouldn’t want all of his friends hearing his imperfections as he tries to figure out a …

Local Jam Band Goose Doctor hitting Festivals this summer

Goose Doctor is a unique jam bands with some experienced players and some killer grooves.

Check out their Facebook



Fastest trick in the world to calculate delay times and song tempo in under 20 seconds!

Here is a quick little trick you can use to calculate delay times for a song, and even get the tempo in under 20 seconds.  Here’s the scoop to speed you up!stop-watch

Take a regular stopwatch – it must have …

A Day In Your Life – Worth the Wait (Acoustic) Now Available!

A Day in Your Life is an acoustic Indie/Rock/Pop project from  Elmhurst, IL. Jake Peery, guitarist/singer, writes and produces all of the music himself. Influences: The Holy Mess, The St. Catherines, Against Me!, The Gaslight Anthem, and Rise Against. Keep …

ROBBLE ROBBLE with The Hamburglars!

No burger is safe from these punk rock deviants and their burger fueled rock-n-robble!!

I love these guys!


More robble is available at their website, myspacefacebook and youtube channel.…

“Folk ‘n Roll” with Go Long Mule

A vaudeville roots-rock, rag-and-bones revival forging tales of the weird and immensely human.

Their latest release is available for listening and download via Bandcamp.


You can get more info straight from them by following them on twitter, …

Claw Toe – digs in deep

Check out this project founded by Darius Hurley.  It started out as an experimental basement project, but has evolved into a full band .


They have a new release out and more to come, available via Criminal IQ Records

The Howl powered by Inga Olson.

A folk group from Chicago founded by Inga Olson from the Wanton Looks

listen and download at bandcamp

follow them on facebook