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Local Band Republic Of Lights Has What It Takes

Republic of Lights is a local rock band from chicago that appears to have the ingredients to jump into the mainstream.

Catchy and driving pop rock.

Download their  album free of charge!


and check out their bandcamp!

Common Mistakes Artists Make in the Recording Studio w/ Eric Yoder


I sat down with platinum engineer and producer Eric Yoder of Horse-Drawn Productions to discuss the common mistakes artists make during the recording process. Eric also shares some great stories about his times with Lauren Hill, R. Kelly and …

6 Tips for submitting songs for mix (at any studio)

Due to the high volume (pun intended) of mixes coming in remotely, I  thought I would share some helpful information to those submitting material to be mixed by a professional recording engineer, such as myself.  There are some things …

Logic Pro X – Here’s the info you NEED to know.

Logic Pro X has just hit the app store this past Tuesday, and @ The Horse, we have to stay on top of the newest technology, and this certainly qualifies.  It has been more than 3 years since Apple …

Amish Guy Scores big in the Music Industry

I am born of Amish heritage – at least in my blood, as my father was raised Amish.  I moved to Chicago to pursue a career in music, after earning a bachelor’s in Music Industry from Capital University in Ohio.  …

Blastoff! – Ancient Alien Hardcore Punk

Here’s a band for you believers out there.  They melt your brain with hardcore punk and reconstitute the goo in your head with intergalactic sounds.


Here’s some sound…

you can find them on Facebook

YO.M.G! releases “Waiting for the World to End” circa 1973

This song was recorded back in 1973 – Roll down the windows, pump up the 8-track, lay down some rubber in the streets with your Trans Am!
Yes, this track was recorded IN THE WOMB! YO MY GOD! ALways fresh, …

Polarizer has shown that rock bands are alive and cooking!

A friend of a friend of mine works at another company in town, who knew his buddy was in a band, and is releasing an album…mm hmm, we’ve heard that before.  I’m sure your buddy is great and all, did …