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Blastoff! – Ancient Alien Hardcore Punk

Here’s a band for you believers out there.  They melt your brain with hardcore punk and reconstitute the goo in your head with intergalactic sounds.


Here’s some sound…

you can find them on Facebook

Bitter Thoughts – Clever take on the Chicago Hardcore style!

Bitter Thoughts give them a listen and support Chicago Hardcore.

I especially liked the tune called “Solitary” – it hits you quite quickly, and keeps your interest with interesting changes.  These guys have a unique sound, especially the vocals, which …

No Regrets Chicago Hardcore


If you listen to hardcore you will love Chicago’s very own No Regrets.

I really liked some of the stuff they had posted here.  It seemed like it drew me in quickly, then held me down until I couldn’t …

Drowning has new release “Purgatory” – – – YES!!

Chicago Hardcore band Drowning will surely get you up and moving.  drw

“I really liked the sound of this track – the drums had a unique, yet very cool sound.  The guitars were as wide as could be and it popped …