Logic Pro X – Here’s the info you NEED to know.

Logic Pro X has just hit the app store this past Tuesday, and @ The Horse, we have to stay on top of the newest technology, and this certainly qualifies.  It has been more than 3 years since Apple rolled out a full update for Logic Pro – and this one is a biggie!

The first thing you will notice about Logic Pro X is the graphic design – it looks completely different. Most of the basic menu items are in the same place, but many preferences have been moved to more accessible menu locations.  If you have an existing install of Logic 9, it will not only read your preference files and adapt these, but it will also leave Logic 9 on the same machine – meaning you can run them both at the same time!

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 11.54.25 AM     This is big for Logic Pro X because the reality is that many of your plug-ins will not work – [OUCH] it only supports 64-bit plug-ins, and there is no sign of a wrapper or bridge for this, as Apple seems to be pushing software developers to move to 64-bit, which is big deal for programmers.  Up to this point I see all sorts of complaints about the 32 bit bridge – how it crashes, the windows are separate apps, blah blah blah.  Well now you really have something to complain about because it’s gone!  This will force all the last minute 32-bit plug-in developers to move quickly or be left behind.

Ableton Live chose to make separate versions of their software, with 32-bit and then 64-bit support.  Logic is doing the same basic thing by leaving the existing Logic 9 application alone.  Then you can slowly put your toe into the cold water, instead of diving head first into the 64-bit arctic waters.Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 11.53.50 AM

With 3rd party plug-ins aside, Logic Pro X does a great job of adding new sounds to their line up.  I haven’t even gone through all of them, but what I have seen so far is pretty darn cool.  They re-designed the B3 and Clav, which now sound a bit richer with more detail.  The basics are the same, such as the EXS24, ES2, and the others, but they did add a new retro synth, trying to Kompete with Massive.  It’s pretty cool, but its no real competition to the popular synth from NI, although some of the other MIDI based plug-ins are massively cool.  They give you several performance insert points for adding things such as delay, arpeggiator, and transpose.  This was always present in the environment, but no one ever seemed to use it, except for nerds such as myself.  Now it is right in the channel strip.

The thing I am most excited about is the new flex tool, which now does not only manipulate audio like “liquid,” but now it does the same for pitch!  So basically, Logic Pro X now has Melodyne built right in to it!  Holy Crapola, Batman!  Yep, this is pretty awesome news.  They have done a great job at improving the workflow all around.  The library is now more organized, and the same windows that were there before are still present.

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 11.54.05 AMMy recommendation, even for Logic newbies, is to take a ride to the preferences, and click on advanced.  This is enabled by default, but there are many other features below that can be checked as well.  I really don’t see the need to uncheck any of these.  If you are a new user to Logic Pro X, then you may not even notice the subtle menu changes they offer.  You might as well get used to the full monty, as it won’t take most users long to conquer it, especially if they are studying with me @ The Horse.  😉

Another sweet feature, which I have honestly not explored much, is the new stack tracks.  From the Apple website:  “Keep your sessions better organized by consolidating multiple related tracks — for example, all the drums or vocals — into a new track format called a Track Stack. Choose to have your Track Stack routed to a new auxiliary for quick and convenient submixing. Or use Track Stacks to create rich, layered, or split instruments that are easy to manage, save, and reuse. And your Track Stack can be collapsed for simplicity or expanded at any time for more control.”Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 11.55.15 AM

One of the coolest features of Pro Tools 11 is the advanced metering, which shows gain reduction right in the channel strip.  I guess the boys at Apple were also at these meetings, so they took that idea and put it into the Logic Mixer – Shazam!  Thanks Avid, we’ll take that idea, it was a good one.  Its not as detailed as the Avid stuff, but they aren’t using a new plug-in format, either.  The rest of the mixer is basically the same, and all of the viewing options are still present as before.  You really do need a large monitor for this sucker as well.  There is a lot of information packed into one window, and on some screen resolutions, it may appear overwhelming.

One final note – let’s not expect the world of a X.0.0 version.  Ww should know by now that the first major release always sucks.  Just as I said we have it here @ The Horse, it is most certainly not in any of the control rooms, yet.  We do our own testing, and let me tell you, it is a crash monster so far.  I had about 6 crashes the first hour I dove into it.  Argh.  Before anyone starts bashing this, let’s give it until 10.0.3 or so before it is ready for actual paying production work.  I’m sure a lot of this has to do with 32-bit plug-ins still in the folders, or maybe its because we had to do a full OS update, as it requires 10.8.4 – what?  Many didn’t even know it was out yet.  Apple’s way of pushing us along through the cyber space update wars.  I guess this means they have the next 3 years to make it perfect all over again!Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 11.54.50 AM


– Eric “YO.M.G!” Nelson Yoder


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Amish Guy Scores big in the Music Industry

I am born of Amish heritage – at least in my blood, as my father was raised Amish.  I moved to Chicago to pursue a career in music, after earning a bachelor’s in Music Industry from Capital University in Ohio.  I relocated here for an internship with a jingle house under the direction of Ira Antelis, armed with only a bicycle and my drumset.  When I arrived, there was a scheduling confusion, and Antelis told me “We have no room for interns at this time.”  I was crushed, but refused to take NO for an answer.  I “forced” my way in and landed a full time position in 3 months!
As things grew, I started “moonlighting” at night doing sessions for the likes of R. Kelly, Avant, Smashing Pumpkins, Cash Money Records, etc.  I couldn’t keep this up, and I realized there was a real need for an honest, hard-working technology-based Amish guy to create something special to service the needs of both Major Recording Artists as well as those not yet established in their career.
Horse-Drawn Productions has served the community for 15 years, come this September, and we are proud to have earned the reputation to have a “Casual Vibe, and Proven Results.”  We are now servicing clients all over the world, and have expanded services and personel to include Data Recovery, Computer & Equipment Repair, Music Lessons, Video Production, Artist Web Promotion and Rehearsal spaces, in addition to the typical recording studio services.
-Eric “YO.M.G!” Nelson Yoder
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Lauryn Hill & Fugees story…and it’s all true!!

So this epic tale goes all the way back to 2002, back in the original Horse-Drawn space on Belmont and Central Park.  A client had been working with one of my engineers, who no longer worked at the Horse.  Of  course I didn’t want an upset client, and I had to make right on the business end of things, so  I chose to take over for this engineer who had parted ways with HDP. 

I didn’t want our personal differences between engineers affect the client, so I figured I would just charge him whatever discounted rate he was charging.  This is when I found out what the engineer was doing, he was charging $15 per hour…ouch!  So I was seriously gonna mix this album for that rate?  Maybe I didn’t have to, but I did.

This ended up being amazing Karma.  Several years later, I get a call from the same client, who now has a working relationship with Lauryn Hill!  He had mentioned to her that I was the only engineer he would ever work with, so I was then hired and flew to New Jersey for what ended up being a two-month stay.  During this time, I became quite good friends with everyone involved, but not without its drama.  Carlo Tomayo (Yellowjacket) was along for the ride as our guitar player.

As we were searching for her new sound, I was running her Land Rover back and forth between the studio and her house. – I guess she got sick of this, so she suggested I set up a drumset in her living room, as it was already upstairs.  It turned out to be a child’s drumset, like straight out of the Sears catalog.  This was suposed to be for ideas only, as she had found out I was a drummer.

We ended up programming and recording a ton of material, but this one song in particular had everyone’s interest, or so I’d find out.  I got a call from Wyclef Jean to come over to the New York Studio where they were working in at the time.  They told me to bring a particular session, so I did.  When I got there, I had transferred the important parts from Logic in my laptop to their system, but when they pulled it up. something was missing…  No way – I said unmute that track that says “kid drums rough” – That’s it!  Wyclef wanted this part for his masterpiece.  Pretty strange, but I was PUMPED!

They set up a session later to re-track the drums.  I showed up and they miced the crap out of the NY studio kit, but Wyclef never showed up to record it.

The moral of the story is – keep your contacts tight,  don’t burn any bridges, you never know when that person will help you one day.  I ended up working with Lauryn, Wyclef AND the The Fugees because of a few “cheap” sessions. I ended up going back to the studio in NYC many more times, and this was only the beginning…


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Blastoff! – Ancient Alien Hardcore Punk

Here’s a band for you believers out there.  They melt your brain with hardcore punk and reconstitute the goo in your head with intergalactic sounds.


Here’s some sound…

you can find them on Facebook

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Hatie Parmeter


Check out Hatie from Minnesota, she is now in Chicago spreading her music with everyone.

She has a very cool, laid back attitude, as I saw in her youtube channel.  Many of them are simple demos,but her voice carries the songs very nicely.

I would like to hear what she could do in the studio with some bigger production…

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Bitter Thoughts – Clever take on the Chicago Hardcore style!

Bitter Thoughts give them a listen and support Chicago Hardcore.

I especially liked the tune called “Solitary” – it hits you quite quickly, and keeps your interest with interesting changes.  These guys have a unique sound, especially the vocals, which are very distinct and interesting.  I recommend checking out their music player on facebook.

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YO.M.G! releases “Waiting for the World to End” circa 1973

This song was recorded back in 1973 – Roll down the windows, pump up the 8-track, lay down some rubber in the streets with your Trans Am!
Yes, this track was recorded IN THE WOMB! YO MY GOD! ALways fresh, even 40 years ago…
CaSUAL ViBe, PrOvEn ReSuLtS!! 

You can purchase the song from Bandcamp for $1000.00 US.



Little children are waiting for the weekend
College kids are waiting for the year to end
Married people are waiting to have children, they’re not ready
Poor people are waiting to be fed, hurry up already.

We keep waiting for the world to end.
We’re all waiting for the right time to make amends.
We keep watching time walking by
Everybody’s waiting for the next guy.

Wall Street is waiting for the payout
Cancer is trying to take us all out.
Who isn’t trying to get up on the next guy?
Everybody wants the same thing no lie.

Can’t wrap my head around
How this doesn’t make a sound
These things are going down
Someone stop this!
Can’t stand to sit around
My feet are on the ground
Excuses Paramount
No one hears me?

Wait what would it take?
I can not relate
People causing hate
Stand up slow it down
Adjust the speed of what’s around
Do something anything now!
Here comes the meltdown-


released 30 June 2013
Drums: L’eric Brown
Bass: Yoder
Guitar: E Money
Keys: Nelson-Y
Vocals: YO.M.G!
Recording: ENY
Mix: King YO
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Fulkinetic hits the stage today at the Cicero Hour Day Music & Arts Festival with many more!

This festival is brought to you by the Town of Cicero and Hourglass Entertainment, along with the assistance of Horse-Drawn Productions.  This year promises to be a great event, as the line up of music is truly something you don’t want to miss – there are acts ranging from Hip Hop, to Rock and even some special entertainment…

You can find us at the Cicero Community Park at 34th St and Laramie Ave.

Sound is provided by the good folks @TheHorse and say “Hi” to MattieG and Leo doing the sound!

The updated lineup looks something like this: (you know how that goes…)

Mighty Wind (Experimental Rock)
This band started out as a two piece, and now they are a four piece. These guys are all out of Cicero. Come Support this local band.

Dj 3rd World (Hip-Hop DJ)
He is the official DJ for the C.o.o.l. Cats. He is an amazing Dj, and performer. DJ 3rd World stays true to the art form that is being a DJ.

Los Black Dogs (Hard Rock)

This Hard Rock band out the South Side of Chicago are the Led Zeppelin of Mexican Hard Rock Bands. All of the members are from Mexico. Come check these guys out.

Louie Mendez (Alternative Hip-Hop)
This M.C. out of Chicago is as talented as they come. Not only does he M.C. he also plays guitar. Come to the festival see him perform. He’s a must see act.

Prototype (Hip-Hop M.C.)
This young M.C. out of Chicago is a great young talent. He puts on a great show. We had the pleasure of seeing him perform a couple weeks ago. Come the Festival to see him perform.

Fulkinetic (Jaw-dropping Rock n Roll)
The latest addition to the festival. These guys are a trio, and they will blow you away with their musical abilities. Don’t be alarmed if the core of the earth opens up in a fury of fire and asphalt, blowing your mind with sounds you haven’t heard since 1972.  Rock n Roll Blood and Guts!  These guys take no prisoners and I can really say, SNAP, those some bad mamojamas!  Pull up your tube socks for their new retro tunes from their upcoming releases to debut on the stage.  Nothing like pressure guys…

The Rude Gentlemen

5:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Et Tu Brute (Punk Rock)
6:00 p.m. – 6:45 p.m.
This up and coming Punk Rock Band have been playing seperately for a number of years, but now that these musicians have joined forces they are a band to look out for in the future. Come to the festival to see these guys play. They always put on a good show.

Amateur Hour + The C.o.o.l. Cats (Hip-Hop)
7:00 p.m. – 7:45 p.m.

These two acts have joined forces to put live music on top of real Hip-Hop lyrics. The live insturmentals of Amateur Hour with the Lyrics of Bano Kapino, Cool Hand Manny, and Cameron Daniels.

You Are Here (Indie Rock)
8:00 p.m. – 8:45 p.m.
Another 3 piece from Chicago that put on a great show. They will keep you moving, and grooving all night. Heavy bass, and drums. Make sure your at 34th + Laramie to see these guys play.

Jam One (Hip-Hop)
8:45 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
The one and only Jam-One is giving us the pleasure of performing a Beat Box Set. Come and see him perform he will blow your mind.

Duller Colors (Indie Rock)
9:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
This 3 piece will be finishing the days music. Do not miss these guys. Slick vocals w/ rough guitar. They are always on point. Make sure your their to witness history in the making.

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