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Memorial Day 2014

Thanks to everybody who came to our 16th annual memorial day party. I recorded all of the bands down to half-inch tape and I gotta say, it sounds pretty awesome! Here are a few tracks from that night. Next year …

Local Band Republic Of Lights Has What It Takes

Republic of Lights is a local rock band from chicago that appears to have the ingredients to jump into the mainstream.

Catchy and driving pop rock.

Download their  album free of charge!


and check out their bandcamp!

Tilly and the Wall

I had the opportunity to mix Tilly & the Wall at Echoplex sans soundcheck. A hell of a tall order to mix on the fly. I didn’t know what to expect, I only knew that there was tap dancing and …

6 Things you need to know to make a great pop song


Here are the 6 things you need to know to make a great pop song:

Ok, so I am  not a famous musician nor do i aspire to be.  I am not a super-producer.  I do not have plaques on …

Electric White – Berwyn RockS!


Electric White is a rock band from Berwyn with Lou Daniel on Guitar/Vocals, Nestor Perez on Bass, and Michael Prado on Drums/Percussion.

I like the energy Electric White delivers – Great guitar riffs, tough drumming – smooth vocals – I’m …

The Noise FM – Chicago Indie Rock at its finest!

tnfPhoto by: CarolinaRodriguez

The Noise Fm is an indie rock band that you can find on any site you want; check them out!

Blastoff! – Ancient Alien Hardcore Punk

Here’s a band for you believers out there.  They melt your brain with hardcore punk and reconstitute the goo in your head with intergalactic sounds.


Here’s some sound…

you can find them on Facebook

Hatie Parmeter


Check out Hatie from Minnesota, she is now in Chicago spreading her music with everyone.

She has a very cool, laid back attitude, as I saw in her youtube channel.  Many of them are simple demos,but her voice carries the …