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6 Things you need to know to make a great pop song


Here are the 6 things you need to know to make a great pop song:

Ok, so I am  not a famous musician nor do i aspire to be.  I am not a super-producer.  I do not have plaques on …

Amateur Hour

What started as three musicians in a basement, has flourished into the six superstars today who are quickly rising on the independent rock scene. Since their humble beginnings, with no band name doing open mics at Fitzgerald Bar, the group …

Three styles you need to incorporate into your Latin-American playlist. Tres estilos que usted necesita para incorporar en su lista latinoamericana.

There are 3 styles of music that must be covered if you consider yourself a successful Latino band.

UNO:  Cumbia- Cumbia is a style that I have seen boom in the venues where I am running sound.  The reason for …


2Tall is a Chicago hip hop artist with a rugged voice and  lyrical range.


Feel Me Dough

Check ’em out here:…

Mystery Crash is an epic indie band from the far west suburbs

listen to there entire album

They have a website at


The Beginning

The Beginning is a hard rock band that hails from the Southside of Chicago.  Their no B.S. rock and blistering live shows make them a Chi-Town band to watch.



Check ’em out here:



American Wolf

Remember what you were told as a child about “Not crying wolf”???  FORGET IT!  American wolf is a four-piece band that hails from the Chicagoland area that plays Ambient Indie-Rock for fans such groups as Manchester Orchestra, Brand New, Elliott …

Real Hip-Hop, raw but well done.

Treologic is a Hip-Hop band from chicago that delivers a tasteful blend of Jazz, Funk, Rap, and anything else that’ll keep ’em putting their hands “HIGH!”



Treologic rocking out with their smash hit, Whatcha Doin’. DJ Savage is cutting …