Polarizer has shown that rock bands are alive and cooking!

A friend of a friend of mine works at another company in town, who knew his buddy was in a band, and is releasing an album…mm hmm, we’ve heard that before.  I’m sure your buddy is great and all, did he just buy his instrument at Sears yesterday?  In this case, most  certainly not!


But then he sent me a link, then another link, and another…damn, Damn, DAMN!!

Polarizer’s new E.P. is titled Lightscapes, and can be found on iTunes NOW!!

Here they are on ye olde Facebook.


Having a friend in a band is one thing, but getting wind of a very big project coming out is a very different  thing.  I was not expecting what I heard, and what I saw made me like what I heard even more…whoa. 1371005290_Polarizer_Promo_1

That’s right: Whoa.  Polarizer is not your average band, these guys can pull it OFF!

Not just a studio project, and not just a fad.

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