Jay paid $55 @TheHorse and walked away with an hour’s worth of recorded material that sounded like this:

Jay probably doesn’t want the world to hear his second rehearsal with a new band in his new favorite recording studio – He probably wouldn’t want all of his friends hearing his imperfections as he tries to figure out a new song.  All musicians want to be represented properly.  But wait!  What if his material could potentially sound awesome?

Awesome?2012-04-26 18.57.49

Well then you listen and tell me otherwise…I would like to hear your opinion.


Now please let me explain further:

So we set out to build the best green room we could…commercials, video shoots, B-roll footage, we’ve done it all – but then I realized more could be had…What if we set up some awesome microphones into some waaay cool mic preamps and then recorded a few (in this case it was four channels) tracks into the computer. Set it and forget it.  If the mics sound good, and levels are ok – you are able to get a lot of basic tracking done for DIRT CHEAP, as my new friend Jay just found out.

He purchased two hours of rehearsal time in our Green Rehearsal Room @ $15 per hour.

Then he purchased our flat 1-hour recording fee of $25.

This is a whopping $55.00   I prove a point, I then took the 4 track rehearsal recording and took it into our Studio A, and somewhat randomly chose a small snippet and mixed it on the console.  Then I had our mastering engineer work a little magic.  What you hear is potential greatness.  They used the first hour to prepare the material and rehearse – as the levels were already set, they dove in and knocked out multiple tunes.

*Note – you can get a much better sound if the vocals are overdubbed at a later time, instead of sharing the room with the other microphones.Travis Clark in the Live Room

-Eric “YO.M.G!” Nelson Yoder

-YO My God! ShaZaM!


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